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Aethereal Sea

Aethereal Sea - the original printing. SOLD OUT.


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The Ripper's Daughter

The Ripper's Daughter
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Sap Run

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The Aethereal Sea

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Post Traumatic Treat

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Saturday August 1, 2015 1:30pm

I've been putting off updating the site. It has been a rough year; weather, physically, emotionally, financially, and creatively. Hate to write a let down update so I've put off writing any updates at all. Not a good approach for marketing or promoting my stories. But then being a writer is often about not making particularly good choices.

So, onto the business update of life. We released a follow up to Midnight 2 8 called Section 12. I completed the long awaited Eternal Blue Sky which is now available at Amazon for pre-order  Anders and I tried to engage a professional marketing team to help promote it but things didn't pan out so we are back to the usual - "please buy the book and if you would write a review someplace that would be great" pitch.

I'll be 52yr old in 8 days and the marketing part of the process is getting to me. I'm feeling the weight of my age and failures more than when I was 22. Some years are more pointless than the rest. 2015 has been pretty pointless so far.

I'm hoping to work on a short story here or maybe update DsofM club this month. I'm not optomistic but I'm going to try.

stay cool or hot or whatever you perfer,

Marguerite aka phair



Saturday January 17, 2015 3:59pm

It is cold. I mean cheek numbing cold. The small harbor my office overlooks is frozen. This morning the Atlantic was battling not to freeze but couldn't muster a foamy wave because of all the slush near the shore. You can check out pictures of it at my other website 

Yes, even here in New England it can get cold enough to rattle our stoic nature. So, it should be perfect for me to get some work done. Either day work stuff or adding chapters to the sequel to Midnight 2 8. Anders and I are planning to release it in March. But, only if I start typing. 

I could make up an excuse like my fingers are too cold to type but that would be a fib. I find myself staring out the window at the harbor. Frozen solid white. Ripples trapped in midwave waiting for the thaw. It is a beautiful stillness and I hate to actually move first. 

Don't forget, while you are waiting for our next novel, We Be Brothers is available now on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and paperback. 

Love ya,


aka phair






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