New Release – Section 12

It was already late when Devyn arrived at the motel. The room smelled like her childhood memories. The rancid stink of sweat and despair overlaid with cigarette smoke and stale beer. It was small and dirty, but it was cheap. She needed it to be cheap. She only had a few dollars left in her pocket after the ride in from the airport. More importantly, she needed things to be the way they used to be before she met O’Grady. She needed to put the life she left behind in Boston away.

Her bank account held enough for her to leave New Orleans and start again somewhere else once she finished what she came to do. She could probably get another few hundred more by having O’Grady sell her clothes, but that would mean speaking to the doctor again. Devyn didn’t want to do that. She could live without the money to forget about Boston.

“A clean break is best. I can’t get them involved in this. It would be too difficult to explain. I owe them at least this much.” Devyn muttered before her eyes drifted closed.

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