Editor’s Note

Empire After New Rome is the first part of a new old story. Sunshine asked me to look at it a long time ago. I did, then talked her into putting out 16 other projects instead.

Personally I’ve never liked Empire. It was too difficult to edit, the prose was like ants, the characters too difficult to comprehend – could never get under their skins – storyline was a bondage escapade. Then Trump happened and the pandemic happened and after 10 years I’ve finally managed to edit Empire into a form I can say I am happy with.

Empire After is a coming of age story – not a story about a teenager or young adult coming of age – it is an editorial coming of age story.

Hello Again!

Yes, we’ve been off the website for too long. There was a lot of life happening. And sadly, a lot of death. Healing takes time. That’s not an excuse for leaving the website without an update. It’s only context.

My goal today is to start a story here before the end of the day. If you like it then we’ll keep going. If it stinks, let me know so I can stop.

Remember to be social but distant.