Ayer is Human

H.T Phair (Author)

“Shy? You’re shy, aren’t you? That’s okay. I can fill in the time by myself. There are a million things running through my head. You just rest up there, and I’ll entertain you. Okay, let’s see, where did I leave off? Right, my alleged crime is totally bogus. First, wouldn’t he need to own the car before he could report it stolen? I’m no snitch, but Big Bad Bebo borrowed, and I’m using the liberal definition of the word here, that car from one of his customers while the guy’s in the hospital. Seems, his back somehow got broken or so the story goes anyway.””Would you PLEASE shut the fuck UP!”

Sage didn’t mean to shout. Her anger seemed to build with every syllable out of the girl’s mouth. An endless barrage of meaningless words about people Sage would never care about. As she stared at her startled companion, Sage felt her heart racing in her chest. She was panting, her breaths coming in painful gasps. It suddenly struck Sage that she was glad she was chained to the wall. Otherwise, she might have done something terrible to the annoying girl next to her.

“Well,” Tristan noticeably swallowed before she replied, “all you had to do was ask nice, grumpy puss.”

A chance encounter during a misadventure in her teenage years will come back to haunt Sage Sebastian a decade later. This time it will take more than words to silence Tristan Ayer. This time it could cost the both of them their lives.

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