Dog Star Demon

Hiroto Komatsu

“What did you see?” Mirai pressed Mutsu. “Tell me, what reached out to you.”

“It had a dog’s head. It was old, so ancient, and cold. It beckoned to me and then my mind went white.” Mutsu whispered looking away. “What was it?”

“Satoru the Alchemist has in his possession an ancient artifact, a dagger containing the essence of a sleeping God called the Dog Star Demon. He intends to use the object to give ‘life’ to his homunculus. In attempting to tap into the device’s power, he may have awakened the dormant entity resident inside. The Hiroo fear the energies released in the ritual will tear this world apart, but they have always been fearful, and narrow-minded.”

“It was hungry,” Mutsu said softly. “It tried to talk to me. I couldn’t understand. It was confused and lost.”

Mirai Kitahara nodded.

“The premature awakening would have confused and exhausted the entity. It would have needed sustenance urgently. That was why it reached out to you.”

“Why? Why me?”

“Because it recognized the fear and desperation within you, and you answered its call.”

“How many did of them did I kill?” Mutsu asked trembling.

“Nine. You fed the entity with the pain and anguish of nine life forms and in return, it has granted you power you never possessed before.”

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