Love is a Finite Experience

B Anders , H.T Phair

Courtney snorted, “Oh, I suppose God doesn’t like noise. Right, that makes sense. The maker of thunder, volcanoes, and opera singers doesn’t like loud noise like she doesn’t like gay people and single mothers.”

“Heretic,” Harper mumbled with an amused smile as she reached for the front door of the small church. Neither expected the door to yield with a gentle tug. The surprise made Harper stumble backwards, and instinctively Courtney grabbed Harper by the waist to keep the other woman from crashing into her.


“Hey, I’m instituting martial law to override the no touching rule. If you’re going to fall on me, I need to take a defensive stance to keep the both of us from hitting the ground. This is non-negotiable.”

Harper glanced over her shoulder and winced, “Nothing wrong with hitting the ground once in a while. You should try it. At least from there, you can’t fall any further.”

“Oh, Harper, life isn’t about failing. It’s about climbing a little higher every day.”

“So says you and Hallmark.” Harper grunted as she stepped forward and away from Courtney. The feel of the other woman’s arms around her still lingering on her skin.

Reeling from the death of her beloved brother, Harper’s life finally spirals out of control when an audit from Corporate Headquarters sees her terminated from her own project. Cut off from the last thing anchoring her to reality, Harper attempts suicide only to fail, and find herself face to face with Courtney Denis, the woman who only hours before precipitated her breakdown with two words – “you’re fired.”

Only this time, Courtney has an offer Harper cannot refuse. A road trip down to Florida. The two of them together.

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