Midnight 2 8

B Anders , H.T Phair

“If I skip the cookie now can I have ice cream after dinner?” O’Grady tried to bargain.
“Fine,” a frustrated Devyn tossed her hands up in surrender. “Your sweet tooth needs capping.”
“How ’bout a little slack here? You try eating through a tube in your nose for a couple of weeks and see what happens to your appetite.”
O’Grady was kidding, but Devyn’s features suddenly pinched. The doctor immediately regretted the joke. She did not want Devyn to be uncomfortable about her injuries even if she could not stand the sight of them herself.

“Hey,” O’Grady started, but the blonde held up her hand to cut the doctor off.

“She’s crying again,” Devyn whispered. “I can hear her wailing.”
“She’s worried about my weight,” O’Grady deadpanned.
“Not funny,” Devyn cautioned with a deep frown. “She started crying the minute you brought up the feeding tube. O’Grady, she must be upset about the stabbing.”
“Me too,” the doctor smiled even though Devyn shook her head. “She shouldn’t be crying now. Why cry when I’m well. At least, I’m much better.”
Devyn was quiet for a few minutes, straining to listen to the silence of the kitchen. Her eyes grew wide with a sudden realization.
“What happened to the woman who stabbed you?”

Dr. Kathleen O’Grady thinks she is attending to a routine call in ER until she meets a young woman chained naked to a gurney. Dragged screaming off the streets in cuffs, Devyn Tannon is terrified. Only Devyn isn’t suffering from a mental breakdown. Devyn says she sees dead people.

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