Post Traumatic Treat

H.T Phair

A small girl’s voice rang out from the woods to the right of the porch. The Bishop’s heart skipped a beat. He stepped back from the door just as the town car pulled away from the curb. It sped down the empty street in spite of his frantic waving from the front steps.”Son of a bitch!” Bishop Brewster gasped aloud more from fear than effort.”Ha ha,” the childish singsong voice laughed from the wood.

Viciously attacked inside his home, Bishop Malcolm Brewster ends up throwing himself out a hospital window. The police guard swears he saw a three-foot tall shadow run past him when he entered the room just after Brewster screamed for help. Seeking an explanation for the Bishop’s suicide, Federal Agent Kierce Payzant finds herself face-to-face with the ghost of a dead man’s secret, his niece and last known victim, Dakota. Seared across the other woman’s throat is the answer Kierce is seeking. Four capital letters evenly spaced and burned into the skin on either side of Dakota’s hyoid bone. The letters spelling out the word C-U-N-T.

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