Sap Run

B Anders , H.T Phair

The fields rolled, unrestrained, as far as she could see until they crashed into the foot of a mountain. Grass greener than she could imagine the closer it got to the edge of a world away from everything she had known before. It was Eden.”Almost goes blue like the ocean,” Alex was mesmerized.

Gib looked out over the unplowed fields and nodded. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

Alex had walked into the joint a cocky twenty-two year old with a manslaughter conviction hanging over her head. Now fifteen years later, she finds herself back on the streets because of a courthouse mistake. Born into nothing, Alex never understood the pathological attachment to life other people seem to have…that is until a bus ride brings her to the most beautiful place she’d ever set eyes on and the woman fighting desperately to keep it.

Gib is wrestling with her own demons. Raised in a house with a drunken father, she is no stranger to the cycle of violence and abuse. Until one day, struggling to keep the farm she inherited from her grandfather going, she turns to a stranger fresh off the bus from Boston. A stranger she finds she cannot deny.

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