Section 12

B Anders , H.T Phair

My Father. This was a message for me. He used her to get my attention.”

Father Fiori knelt in front of Devyn. “Did my blessing help? Will he stay away from you now?”

Devyn shook her head. “That’s not the question you should ask me.”

“What’s the question I should have asked you?” The priest asked.

“What you should ask is will I stay away from him.”

Two years after the attack that almost killed her and Kathleen O’Grady, Devyn Tannon finds herself forced to leave her new life in Boston behind as she is pursued by an evil from her past. An evil that wants to claim her as its own. Only this time she is racing towards the darkness, not trying to escape it.

Kathleen O’Grady is now a recluse hiding away from the world. Unable to move on with her life, will she be able to find the strength to face her own demons to save both their lives?

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