2007 Aug Singapore WOCCA 120N


A WOCCA for those of you not in the know is a Holga 120n with a glass lens. Both plastic cameras look the same, only the WOCCA is slightly heavier (given that the Holga is the lightest thing I ever used, that’s not saying much.)

After being throughly disappointed with the results of the Tokyo experiment with the Holga, I thought I might have a go with the WOCCA. After all, everything I read so far about it was encouraging and the glass lens was supposed to produced sharper photos (which goes to show you can’t believe anything you read on the net. period.) So, I got back on ebay and plonked down another US$20 for my second black plastic brick (both the Holga and the WOCCA look extactly the same. You have to pop out the “lens” to check.)

The results of this shot was even more disappointing than the first. The light was beautiful by the river in the early morning, bringing out the bold colours on the old shophouses fronting the water. But, the glass lens didn’t do what everyone said it would. The photos were well, terrible (or so I thought at that time, funny how time changes our opinions of most things.)

Although the colours came out lovely, I junked the WOCCA (I haven’t touch another one since, don’t know if they make them anymore.) It simply wasn’t taking the sort of photos I wanted.

And, on went my search for the perfect 120n box.

~ ANDERS, 2011