2008 Jan Taipei Agfa Isola II


Another holiday in the low season (f.king stupid if you ask me now since it rained everyday.) Always too busy when the weather turns good, that’s when people with kiddies in tow start clammering for time off. One should never work for a family friendly employer unless you intend to start your own foortball team.

Taipei is one of those places, like Barcelona, that don’t agree with me. I went because I got a good fare (marked down special), and because I heard all those wonderful things about the night markets with their giant, deep fried chicken cutlets.

Reality was  a grey, drab city in January with the colour all washed out of it and running into the gutter.  A total waste of the expensive Kodak Potra 160VC film (120) I was carrying. All I remember from this trip was being wet, cold and very miserable, and very certain I would never come back. The only upsides were that I got to eat at a Din Tai Fung and the camera worked wonderfully as expected despite the oodles of rain falling from the sky like freaking pasta sheets.

PS:- the deep fried chicken cutlets were good but not worth the 15min wait.

~ ANDERS, 2011