The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Odds and Ends
H.T Phair

She waited until the Pharaoh’s Chief Architect left the observation tower before lowering her hood. She was fully revealed from hair to sneaker but there were no eyes to gape wide at her. Her sudden appearance would put all human history in danger. As it would, her own existence would be endangered if she interacted with anybody in her travels to the past.

The observation tower was three full walls and one open open giving full view of the building in the distance. The great pyramid at Giza was at its midpoint of construction.

“And, there’s the proof,” she hummed as she focused her camera on the pyramid. “Pulleys, levers, horses, manpower, and sledges. Easy Peasy once you see how it’s done.”

She took four or five photos before turning to examine the table behind her. Spread across the surface was several pieces of parchment with intricate designs and measurements for the pyramid. She grinned as she rolled up the paper and stuffed it in her over the shoulder leather backpack.

“Hope he has a copy because I’m gonna be taking this with me.”

She pulled her hood up and disappeared into thin air.